Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Young musicians travel to Colorado in 2011

Lately I've been working a lot on planning touring and performing itineraries for large groups of young people which will come to Colorado Springs April and May 2011. 

I had no idea how many high school musicians from all over the country come to Colorado every spring! April and May are two major high school music months. Many different choirs and bands ride their school buses from Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Kansas, Oklahoma, Iowa, and even Florida and Georgia (I mean that's fa-a-ar). They usually add a couple days of fun to their trips for the kids to sightsee our area and to visit our cool places. That's where I'll be hopping up on the bus to direct the driver and to tell all the stories about Colorado - Rocky mountains, wild west, gold rush time, etc. As any tour guide, I have to spice it up for the tourists, and often the only way to do it is to make up some funny or wild stories. These are usually the most memorable ones for everyone. :))

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