Thursday, June 28, 2012

Colorado Springs fire 2012

We are all in shock here. Last Saturday afternoon during my son's baseball game, we spotted smoke on the mountain side. We all decided it must be a house fire because it looked very close to town. Just an hour later this smoke pole grew into a much bigger one, and we've learned it was Waldo Canyon fire. 

The weather in Colorado has been extremely hot since mid June - no rain and very low humidity. All these factors created perfect conditions for this fire to grow quickly. For us personally, it's a little better now than it was 2 days ago. The fire is moving north, and we live in southern Colorado Springs. We have not been told to evacuate, but we have our things ready. It is smoky and we feel a bit panicky as we are only about 12-14 miles away from the fire now. Yesterday this fire moved on the grounds of the Air Force Academy, and NOW (after 4 days of burning) federal sources are finally getting involved. President Obama will arrive tomorrow, so we hope things will get better very soon.

Meanwhile, I've been taking tourists outside of the city, down south to the Royal Gorge and rafting on the Arkansas River. Garden of the Gods is closed (fire is just west of it) and very smoky, many other popular attractions are closed too. 


  1. Waldo Canyon fire became 100% contained on July 6, 2012. So, it lasted almost for 2 weeks.

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  3. que desastre, pero esto ya debe estar restaurado, voy hacer un tours internacionales a Usa y planeo viajar a la ciudad Colorado también.