Tuesday, June 19, 2012

From Colorado Springs to Yellowstone

Few days ago I took an experimental road trip from Colorado Springs to Yellowstone and Grand Tetons National Parks. I wanted to do this trip for a long time, and finally my desire came to action! Now I feel ready to take clients there if they ask me to do it, though I'd say it is at least 4 days long trip, five would be even better. It take around 9-10 hours of driving to get to those parks from Colorado Springs, no traffic problems in Wyoming :)) So, you need two solid days just for the commute, and then few days to both parks. Yellowstone is exotic, very alive and beautiful, and Tetons are really grand! We were lucky to see lots of wildlife - Rocky Mountain elks and moose, lots of buffaloes with calves, pronghorns, foxes, rabbits, and  few more small creatures. Seing so many wild animals was a thrill for my foreign group of tourists, they aren't used to such abundance of wildlife in Europe.  Personally, I was hoping to spot a bear, but I guess it was too much to want :)) But main subject of Yellowstone were hot steam geysers and fountains. I felt like I was suddenly on a different planet! Especially when wind blew over our way tons of steam and vapor. I totally would recommend visiting Yellowstone if you haven't yet.

This is our group enjoying simple western breakfast in Cowboy Cafe in Dubois, WY.

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