Friday, May 6, 2011

Chaffee County or Now you are in Colorado

Week or so ago I've made a day trip to Salida, CO. This town is located a little over 100 miles south-west of Colorado Springs. The day was gorgeous, just right for me and my little adventure!
When you leave Canon City and continue west on highway 50, you are literally getting further away from Central Colorado populated areas and into the Rocky Mountains. The road lies right along the Arkansas River, on the bottom of shallow mountain canyon, and this drive west is very beautiful. I saw a good dozen fishermen on the river, a couple river rafts were going down stream even though the water is still low this time a year, twice I've spotted big horn sheep grazing on the other side of the river.
The coolest thing on the road was the sign where you leave Fremont county and enter the Chaffee: "Now you are in Colorado".