Monday, April 16, 2012

More Europeans will visit Colorado. Guess why?

About a month ago I've learned about new Airline from Europe will start flying to Colorado this year. If you are in the airline industry, you probably know how hard it is for any U.S. airport to land a new international contract, especially if you are not a major airport on the U.S. East cost. So, guess what? DIA did it again! Denver is a new destination for Icelandic Airlines.
Their very first direct flight will take place on May 10, 2012 from Reykjavik, Iceland to Denver, Colorado, USA. We are thrilled about it! Iceland is the most western lying country in Europe, and Reykjavik International airport is s very busy place, meaning we will receive more tourists, and as Colorado tour guide I'll get more work! :)))
So, welcome newcomers from Europe and Asia to Colorado!!!
Honestly, I have my own (kinda professional) reason to cheer this fact, because I'll have a client flying on that very first flight - it's a small group of senior citizens form Iceland coming to visit our beautiful state for the first time. We will do bunch of different local tours with them originated in Colorado Springs, CO.