Tuesday, February 26, 2013

One of almost natives.

"Not Native but I got here as fast as I could" - this is common bumper sticker you will find on vehicles of those people who live here and truly love Colorado. I consider myself one of them, hence few years ago I started professionally showing it to others (after I practiced it for 10 years on my relatives and friends).
Colorado is beautiful colorful state, and also the most mountainous state. We've got Rocky Mountains! They came with 320 sunny days a year, very mild winter, hot summer, warm, long and very  pleasant fall.  Most people who come to visit Colorado, come to see natural  beauty, wildlife, mountains, canyons, water falls. It is not like busy New York City or partying Miami, but it is true USA too. 


  1. Wow! Colorado looks really beautiful! I have always wanted to visit there. Next year, I want to take my wife on a vacation and tour Colorado. I will have to find a tour guide who can take us to all the cool destinations. http://www.coloradowildernessridesandguides.com

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